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06:28 pm: about to get emo
i thought that this year was going to be so different from last year; that i wouldn't be constantly lonely, or depressed, or both... yet somehow i'm still so miserable that i'm even wishing i was back in rome. there are times when i just want to be anywhere but school.. but i can't go home, and my dad doesn't have a [home], so i just wander around campus wishing that i could get back the love i lost (cause philip won't even speak to me anymore), or that anyone would barely give me the kind of love i need (which is even mostly physical... i just want any little affection i can get).
and i am so going to stop writing because i'm sounding so fucking self-victimizing, and that's exactly what i always accuse her of being.
i hate it


Date:October 27th, 2005 01:26 am (UTC)
if you ever need physical affection, you know who to look for :)
interpret that however you like.
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