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when you make them feel safer

they will take more risks

4 December
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2x4s, 501 latin verbs, 6x12s, 6x9s, adam smith, alcohol, alitalia, andrew johnson, appropriating christianity, argentina's debt, belsky, bernini, bramante, cardinal branda castiglione, cardinal oliver carafa, charlemagne, christ, christopher moore, clementines, coca cola light, coffee, crescent wrenches, cynicism, dead languages, economics, ecstasy, elliot smith, emily j daly, enlightenment, etc and their boards, fresnels, frisbee, gaff, gels, gobos, grandmaster bow, horace, italian beaurocracy (thanks guys!), itim, jews, juvenal, laius, lech lecha, linear regression, martin v colonna, mountain goats, mr rochester, my own hypocrisy, naked people, nicholas v, non-unified european currencies, oatmeal, ostiense, other cancer-inducing soft drinks, ovid, palazzo farnese, pants, parcans, paul ii, paul iv, perugino, phoenix, pilgrims, pinturicchio, pip, pius iv, pius ix (that jerk), pliny the elder, pliny the younger, poor people, price inelasticity of demand, pygmalion, repressed and oppressed marxists, saint teresa in ecstasy, santa susanna, sciam, self-deprecation, senor limpio, shakespeares, shisha, sixtus v, sketchy ecuadorians, slovenia, st. paul, st. peter, stage managing like stalin, sug's pacer, tea, tech, temperance, the american pageant, the annunciation, the beautiful fly, the booth, the christ, the pope, the subjunctive, they might be giants, those bloody platforms, trastevere, trenitalia, trieste, virulent republicans, wine, xlr, your mom